Node Todo

Free and public gatherings for people that want to contribute to Node.js.

Quick Start

You don't actually need to attend an event to do Node Todo. Just follow the steps in our Getting Started Guide!

What is Node Todo?

Show up with your laptop and be ready to improve Node.js core.

As long as you've worked a little bit with Node.js, you can do this.

If you've never worked on Node.js core before…

…that's no problem! Someone will help you get set up and provide you with an easy improvement to make to get started.

Want to get a head start?

The first few things you'll need to do can be easy but time-consuming so it's a good idea.


Send questions about Node Todo or just getting involved in Node.js core!

We are happy to help you get started contributing to Node.js core if you are located far away from any upcoming events and cannot attend.

Node Todo is a fully volunteer effort independent of the Node.js project or the Node.js Foundation.

If you are interested in replicating this sort of event, go for it. No need to ask for permission. Just do it. Feel free to notify us of your upcoming events so we can list them here.

Commits From NodeTodo Activities